About us

Paul and Annie Pollina, the founders, wrote the first pages of our story in May 1968 in the heart of Luçon in La Vendée; located between Nantes and La Rochelle. The economic and industrial dynamism of the company comes from its founder, Paul Pollina, who from the beginning had the desire to offer a full product controlling printing and binding on one and single place.


In 1970, they settled their first large size sheetfed press. In 1972, the company moved to the current place, in the industrial site of Chasnais, in Luçon. In the 80’s, the three sons Laurent, Stephane and Paul-Alain, joined their parents in this adventure. The first case binding line was settled in 1988 and over the years we have become one of the most important European books printer and binder. In the 2000’s, the three sons took the control of the company with a watchful eye of the founder father...

In 2002, the company made new investments and added latest generation machines as the 16pp web offset press dedicated to publishing, magazines and catalogues. It has enabled us to print some of the most famous French comics. In 2006, we decided to invest in new large size sheetfed presses in order to offer the customer to print on large size 1300 x 1850 mm - 4 and 5 colours.

In 2007, the company chose to develop the web offset printing buying a 64pp.

Thanks to this investment we are now able to produce the most famous publisher’s dictionnaries but also magazines, catalogues with high extend and national scale advertisment.