Details and conditions

Because time matters to you, we have created Fastline. A premium service for high-speed offset colour printing, turnaround time 6 days ex-works (Within the limits of the weekly production capacities).


Quotation request:

Paper and board available in our factory :

  • Paper text: silk coated paper from 115 gsm to 170 gsm
  • Coated artboard : 240 gsm and 300 gsm
  • Jackets: gloss coated paper 150 gsm and 170 gsm
  • Board: 2 mm / 2.4 mm / 3 mm (no foam board)


Books specifications

Quantity : from 500 to 5,000 copies

Printing :

  • Pages: from 16 to 224 pages - 4/4 (For higher pagination, we will be able to give you a specific turnaround term).
  • Cover: 4/0 or 4/4 - Gloss or matt lamination - Gloss spot UV varnish

Binding :

  • Hardback: PLC - With or without jackets (No cloth cover, no imitation cloth, no foil, no embossing )
  • Flexibinding (No flaps and no cloth cover)
  • Paperback: with our without flaps
  • Ribbon marker + head and tails band (depending on our standard colour available in stock)

Packing instructions :

  • Shrink wrap parcel
  • Individual shrinkwrapping for hard back.
  • For paper back: Individual shrinkwrapping; add 24 hours (No stickers)

Pallets :

  • Standard pallets 800 x 1200 mm or 1000 x 1200 mm


  • To be advised


  • No specification changes during the production.
  • The D-day, the order and the PDF files have to be sent before 10.00 am (as well as the colour proofs, otherwise it will be printed on the base of standard colours).
  • Web proofs: it has to be approved within the 2 hours after the reception by email. Add 24 hours for any correction.
  • If you have already printed with us and if your PDF files for the re-prints are already saved in our system, we can directly launch the production without any proofs validation.

No manual intervention is included in that schedule: no CD, no document inserts, etc...